Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I played in the WWDN last night. I hadn't really intended to play. I was just scanning to see who was at the tables and found Skidoo in the tournament. I was just going to sweat him for a while and noticed that late registration was still open. So, what the heck.

Nothing much happened good or bad until the blinds were 75/150. I Crippled TransFish when I raised 2.5xBB with AK, she went all in with AQ, and I called. I am not sure it was really smart of me to call the all in since I really expected her to show a small pair and she had me covered by about 200. I also don't know why I was willing to take a coin flip here, but chickened out later when Pauly minraised my flop bet and I had TT on a K93 flop. I busted going all in with AJ when rmitz had AK.

Then I joined Wil Wheaton in the WWDN second chance. I was doing ok, but busted when my QQ ran into Mungo's AK and he flopped the flush.

I finished 13th in both tournaments, but out of 43 in the first and 15 in the second. I made up my buyins in the cash game I was playing at the same time so it all worked out good and was fun.

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