Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Love the Night Life

Sunday night Nelson went with some of the others from the gym and their mothers to watch the senior team perform. Mary and I planned to meet them at the Landings which is near and has a food court about like any small mall and a few other restaurants. The landings is a short walk along the river from the hotel and the shuttle from the convention center stops there so it made for a good meeting spot. The gang was running late getting back from the competition and were not answering phone calls (not unusual given the volume in the cheer arena). Mary and I were hungry so we walked to the Landings to look for them and to eat anyway if we did not find them. We did not find them, but nothing looked worth eating so we came back to the hotel to eat. We had very nice and not too badly overpriced hamburgers there and it was much quieter than it would have been at the Landings.

As we were wrapping up dinner, Nelson and the gang came through the hotel lobby. The Moms with them came over to fill us in on the seniors' performance and the adventure getting dinner afterwords. The seniors looked good and took 2nd place. The adventure was the Landings for dinner. When they passed through the food court it was closed down, so no cheap burgers for them. They ended up at Hooters. The Moms were not really happy about it, but the 3 boys did not mind (14, 13, 12). They did not have a good meal. It was overpriced, not tasty, and the staff pretty much ignored them (how much tip could they expect from 2 Moms, 3 teen boys and two under-10 girls?). They said the drunken lesbians were interesting to watch, though.

Getting to and from the Hooters was most of the adventure. To end up there they took a tour of the food court at the Landings looking for a place to eat. There is some kind of club at the end of the floor that has the food court. The club was packed with a long line out the door and around the way. The youth of Jacksonville were on display while waiting to be granted admittance. The Moms apologized for accidentally taking our son to a sex ed class. They were especially embarrassed since this class wrapped up on the river walk with a demonstration of Girl On Top on a Bench in Public (the girl kept the naughty bits covered with her skirt, but it was still pretty clear what was going on).

Watching sex on a park bench by the river after going to Hooters for dinner. A fine outing for the kids. I thought it was pretty funny.

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