Saturday, March 10, 2007

Jeep Tilt

I really like my Jeep. Really, really like it. It's long been paid for. It can carry just the right number of people. It's great for camping and fishing trips around the National Forest in north Georgia. It's good for hauling a canoe around. It fits reasobably well in the wacky ATL traffic. It has 267k miles on it. It might have reached the end of its road tonight, though.

I was supposed to be at CC's losing money to the ATL Poker Bloggers. Instead I was calling road service. I got close enough to see the entrance sign of his neighborhood when the Jeep died. I debated walking on to his house, but decided trying to get a tow later in the night after losing all my money to the Poker Bloggers was probably not a good plan. Better to play a bit tight for this hand, I think.

I was not really surprised that the Jeep died. I have been driving for the past month knowing that each trip might not end where I had planned. This time it died and would not restart after resting for a while as it has twice a week for several weeks. That means I will probably have to spend money to get it fixed. The Good News is that if finally died and would not restart. That might sound odd, but it really will make it easier for the shop to find out what is broken if it actually behaves as broken while they have it. When I took it in last month it would not act badly for them. Their guess was one of three things could be the cause and I could either gamble on each one until the right one was replaced or drive it till it died and gamble that it would not die at a really really bad moment.

It's bad that I did not get to CC's for the game, but bad in a Sad Panda kind of way (well not exactly that way), not in a Get Hit By A Toilet From Space kind of way.

I am home now.

Thank's for the invitation CC. Maybe next time I can actually get to the door.

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slb159 said...

Fun times at the Bloggerpods2 tourney with the donks last night (me and Jordan)...haha.

Recognized the name, but never persued seeing if you had a blog.

Thanks for the linkage on the side bar, and I'll have to catch up on some reading here.

Best of luck.