Saturday, April 28, 2007

Me == Donkey

Played some poker tonight. First with Katitude on a NL25 table while I waited for the Grand Blogger's NL200 table to open. The waiting list was long and the three or four that were there decided to open a new table where I was able to jump in. I made some stupid plays, got amazingly lucky in a few spots, and ticked off the True Poker Playing Bloggers.

The first suckout was against Hoyazo. I had 77 in the CO, raised to 6 was called in two places. The flop came out 5TA. The pot is $21, I bet $15. Hoy raises to $35. I think for a bit and make a WTF call. Turn comes a marvelous 7 bringing in my 9% chance. Pot is $91, I bet $50, Hoy makes it $100, I push to $161 and he calls.


He left after that hand. MiamiDon lead the crowd in giving me a well-deserved ration for that play.

I passed my ill-gotten gains on to SixthStr when I had T9 on a limped semi-live-pseudo-straddled hand and caught a 998 flop with a turn that made SixthStr's JT straight. No ten or nine to suck out and I go from 200 up to 20 down.

I got up again later when my AA played against jeciimd's QQ. I bet 3x he raises to 9x everyone else folds and I call. Flop is 39Q, pot is $39. I bet $20, he makes it $60, I stupidly push to $237 and he calls. Turn is a 2, River is an Ace.

More ragging from the better players.

I sucked out a few more times and made some more bad bets. For example, I could not lay my KK down against Smokkee on a board of 4AA33 against his QJd on a flush draw. I bet and he called every street until the river then I check-called his 3/4 pot bet.

I tightened up a lot after about half the Greater Bloggers left. I committed to not leaving before MiamiDon left. As much crap as he gave me for playing badly, I wanted to make sure he had every chance to win it off me. When he left at 2:45am (GMT-5), I checked out on my next blind. Waffles bailed right behind me.

I did not win any other really big pots, but won several small and medium pots to end the night up $500.

I solemnly promise to give it all back some other night.

[Update] Hoyazo comments on my play and then comments on his comment. Note that I do not take exception to his analysis. He is dead on. Worse that that , in each of those donkey plays where the deck ended up being so kind to me, I was telling myself "fold-fold-fold" , but was clicking the call button instead. That discipline thing is a problem I have in this game.


smokkee said...

no idea how i could expect a bluff to work against u in that hand after you've shown an unwillingness to fold in all those other spots.

i'm the donkey in that one.

bayne_s said...

Waffles should not be lumped in with the other 3 bloggers mentioned.

Butch Howard said...

On the log-scale needed to get me on the same chart with any of them, he is much closer to their marks than to mine.