Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Doggie in the Window

I was eating at a Sonic drive in when one of the waitresses came to my jeep and asked if I knew of any locksmiths in the area (they asked me instead of one of the 10 others because they know me pretty well there). A woman had locked herself out of her car with her two little dogs inside and was looking to get them out as quickly as possible because the car was still running and she was supposed to be at a meeting in 20 minutes.

These are two of the little peke-ish type yippy yappy dogs. When her order was brought to the car, she stepped out instead of rolling the window down so the mutts would not scare the server or have a chance to jump out. The little beasts got all frantic that mommy was outside without them and yipped and yapped and bounced off the window until they hit the door lock button. Doors locked. Windows rolled up tight. Motor running. Keys inside. Dogs bouncing off every window getting more frantic each minute.

The dogs were going nuts in the car. She was on the phone to her husband who was also on the phone to Triple-A, who said it will be at least an hour probably more before they could help. The car is a rental so her husband did not have a spare key. I was talking to the woman and using my Treo to look up local locksmiths to see if one of them could get there faster than the auto service folks.

Then one of the yippy beasts bounced on the window down button making an arm sized slot that the woman leaped at before it could go the other way. Doors unlocked. Everybody laughing and happy.

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