Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Birmingham Hotels [Sponsored Post]

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I was at first somewhat impressed when this assignment landed in my inbox. Then I decided it must be just coincidence for me to live somewhat close to Birmingham and to get a marketing request to write about a site that has discounts on Birmingham Hotels. A second read showed that to be true since I was thinking Alabama and the ad is for that city in England. So the targeting of writers to marketers is less than perfect. I know a little something about that part of the world. I know it is near Cardiff where a famous Doctor often tries to visit, but never seems to land quite on target. Beyond that I am somewhat at a loss. There appear to be other large cities nearby, but as small as the British Isles are, everything is nearby.

Put your sunglasses on before you click the links. The bright reds and yellows will either get your attention or blind you. The name of the site is Cheaper Than Hotels, but everything I see listed is a hotel. If there are what we would call Bed and Breakfasts listed somewhere or anything else that is not a hotel, they are well hidden. The prices seem reasonably good for hotel rooms, if I have done the rate conversions in my head correctly.

If you are going to be in Birmingham, England and need a Hotel room, it could save you some money to check

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