Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Tomorrow is Wednesday. Just saying. Middle of the week. And what a fun week.

Monday was pseudo-Columbus day. Mary and the kids went the county fair.

Today a doctor stuck a tiny needle into my spine to shoot some chemicals into the epidural space to wash the nerve roots with pain relieving magic. I much prefer this to the county fair, which is why I did not go to the fair. I have this neat bit I do where I pass out soon after being stuck with a needle. It was a pretty good show today, but not spectacular. I got woozy a couple of times. They had to run some fluids into my IV and wait it out. Everyone knew the score so I did not hit the floor as has happened in the past (not at this office). I think they used a much bigger dose of sedative this time than last February. That time, when the Doc came in to do the work, I got to follow along with the patter: "There will be a pinch, and a sting, and some burning, and now I have to shove your neck through the table, and now we are done." This time I heard the Nurse call down the hall, "Doctor we are ready in here!" and then I heard, "OK, Mr. Howard if you can just roll off the table onto the gurney we can get you back to your wife." I have no recall of anything in between. I just hope the magic juice is as good this time as last and I get about 6 months of relief.

Wednesday will be, well, Wednesday.

Then it's the dentist for the semiannual on Thursday. The hygienist is a fun gal so that ought to be a good time. At least as good as it gets in a dentist chair with all the clothes left on and only dentisty stuff happening. Sometime on Thursday I have to give Mary a B12 injection (this is one part of a mysterious mystery that has been going on all summer). That should be interesting. She needs one a week for five weeks. Me popping her saves us $170. Her doctor went on for a good while about how stupid it was to pay $35 to get a $3 injection, but the insurance companies would really not let them not charge the office fee for us to get the drug from the nurse. They gave us a lesson with the first dose. So, we'll see how that fun goes.

Friday it is a review with the neurologist of the results from the past 6 weeks of magic attempts at vanquishing the migraines. There has not been much change in the frequency, but the amplitudes have been generally lower. I have not puked my guts out in four weeks instead of the twice a week from two months ago. I count that as a win, but still hope for better.

So. See you Wednesday.

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