Sunday, December 16, 2007

APBT II - Mary Wins!

My beautiful wife won the APBT II tournament! Yeah Mary!

Well, she won the turbo SNG that ran after the main tournament, but the win in the main tournament went to some non-blogger so does not count in the record books. Since Mary already has a blog, her win is the one counts. So there.

It was a really good night. Folks came from all over the world and seemed to have a good time. I know we both had a good time.

I played passive no-guts poker all night long and have the results to show for it. Mary chickened out on the plan to switch the channel on the big screen over to Life Time at some point to see whether anyone would say anything.

Skidoo ran a good show. Thanks to him for having us over. Thanks to the poker crowd for making Mary feel welcome and for not abusing me for playing crap poker. We are both very much looking forward to the next gathering.

APBT II Final Table
Originally uploaded by butchhoward

Me, BrainMc, Surflexus, Surly Poker Gnome, Non-Blogger with arms wrapped around the huge stack that will eventually win, and 23Skidoo.

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23skidoo said...

Thanks for coming Butch and thanks for brining Mary! She is a good sport and fit right in.

I'll see you again soon hopefully, and I'd love to see the other pics Mary took.

Butch Howard said...

That was the only one that came out clear. She had the flash off for the few others she took and they came out really blurry.

SirFWALGMan said...

Nice playing with you the other night.