Saturday, December 08, 2007

Big Wide (Holiday) Grin

A surprise package came in the mail yesterday with christmas music that even this affirmed Bah Humbug early-part-of-the-book Scrooge enjoys.

I really dread this time of year for the tympanum rattling noise called christmas carols. Even a small number of times being stuck somewhere listening to bits of badly done christmas 'classics' is enough to get my teeth grinding.

The Big Wide Grin Holiday album is something different and special. This album has a collection of the common classics done in an uncommon manner. The arrangements are jazzy and the vocals have the beautiful folk-jazz mix I love about Elaine, Lambert, and Karl (the members and former band name of Big Wide Grin). If you dislike christmas music as much as I do, this collection will be a welcome relief from all that other junk. If you actually like christmas music you will absolutely love this.

The Big Wide Grin Holiday album is available at the band's web site and from CD Baby. Buy several and pass them out to save as many people as possible from bad christmas music. The other Big Wide Grin and E.L.K albums are pretty special, too.

Thanks to Tory for sending this album to me. I am sorry I do not keep in touch better than I do. I am very glad that you do.

Thanks to Tory's brother Karl, band mates Elaine and Lambert, and everyone else that helped make this beautiful music.

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