Sunday, January 06, 2008

Prez Quiz

I had some problems with some of the questions, but, even so, I was surprised at the results (assuming the results are meaningful, that this is not just some SEO driver for particular candidates or marketers, yada yada yada).

OK, thought about it some and decided I am not surprised. All that the red/blue mix means is that I can't stand any of the candidates because I do not agreee much with any of them.

63% Bill Richardson
60% John McCain
60% Chris Dodd
58% Mitt Romney
57% Mike Huckabee
57% Ron Paul
55% Barack Obama
54% Tom Tancredo
53% John Edwards
53% Rudy Giuliani
53% Joe Biden
52% Hillary Clinton
52% Fred Thompson
48% Mike Gravel
44% Dennis Kucinich

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

The questions I had the most trouble answering were:

2. I wanted to choose the last answer, but I felt they only meant it to apply to same-sex couples where I mean it to apply to everyone (That's the short answer).

4. Is missing a choice for "Need to redefine the goals to the mission to be compatible with the long term security of the United States and then execute to those goals as swiftly as possible using any means necessary."

7. Was just badly worded and exposed the bias of the quiz maker.

15. Needed an option for Get the Government out of the Business of providing Health Care and let the Market and Charities supply what is needed.

I expect my red/blue mix might have changed somewhat had I been offered these options as answers to the questions.

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