Saturday, March 29, 2008


We finally get to the Lovenox shots in the belly story. I did remarkably well with it given my history. The other stories are much more dramatic, but this one has me giving myself injections in the skin on my stomach. I get a bit dizzy just typing that sentence.

Mary gave me a couple of shots, but I was laying in bed for those so no drama at all. For all of the others I did it myself because the time for the shots fell when she was at work or was sleeping off a night of caring for someones twins.

I would go into the bathroom so I would not disturb Mary and because there is plenty of bright light. I have a problem with small details close up and these needles are very small. I figured it was better that I could see what I was doing than just stabbing blindly in the general area around my belly button. These are subcutaneous shots so just under the skin, not deep in the muscle. I did really will with all except two of the shots. On those two I got the angle of the needle wrong somehow and ended up too shallow. Instead of just a slightly stingy shot, I got a large knot of fluid close to the surface much like a really huge bee sting. I fuzzed out both times and was glad I was already on the floor.

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