Friday, March 28, 2008


Woot! had a woot-off the past couple of days. I gots some pretty good deals.

Nike Sport Kit Carrying Case for MP3 Players 2 Pack
Condition: New
Nike AC1126 Sport Armband for iPod Nano
Condition: New
1 Dane-Elec 2 Gigabyte Secure Digital Memory Card
Condition: New
Screaming Monkey with Pink or Blue Woot Cape
Condition: Screaming

Then I blew the cheap shopping when I left woot for Subterranean Press and noticed a John Scalzi work that was missing from my collection. Damn that Wheaton fellow for introducing me to this man's writing. I have never been much of a collector, but something sparked my mild OCD-ish nature into focusing on Scalzi and Wheaton works. Well, at least they are books instead of bottle caps or empty Coca-Cola bottles from across the ages.

This is what happens when the wife goes away for the weekend and forgets to take all the magic plastic with her.

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