Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Early Spring Atlanta

Today was a lovely sunny 60 degree Spring day. Tomorrow will be a lovely sunny 60 degree Spring day.

Tonight we have freeze warnings.

Wacky, wacky weather.

Kirk Mellish says La Nina is the most likely cause:

Our latest taste of winter was first mentioned in my blog March 26th with changes made on the 2nd and April 8th. Reluctant springs are a comon feature of La Nina. After the cold snap a 10-15 day warm spell will ensue. Last year The Masters had record cold on the final day. We know what kind of Summer followed. This year the cold wave is just a few days later. Record lows are occuring in April in Georgia the last 30 years about 3 times the normal pace of the last 125 years. Average would be one record low every 4 years. So in the last 3 decades that would mean about 8 records, instead Augusta has seen 20 record lows in April. There is a consensus that the current La Nina, though weakening, will last the Summer and maybe even into next winter.

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