Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dr. Stephen Barnett

Dr. Stephen Barnett, vascular surgeon, seems to be a very nice guy and, according to his staff, the best in the business. His is not, however, a neurosurgeon. There is a Dr. Barnett who is a neurosurgeon, but I did not have an appointment with her. I was supposed to, but the names got confused when the appointment was made. Met a nice doctor, spent a mostly pleasant afternoon with my wife (a rare thing), but otherwise wasted half a day. Now I have an appointment with Dr. Weaver, who is definitely a neurosurgeon and apparently works in the same building as Dr. Florence Barnett the neurosurgeon. I did not get an appointment this Dr. Barnett because the first available is late Janurary. As it is I have to wait until December to see Dr. Weaver.

Let's just hope I see him and he makes a decision to do something before I either cut my arm off (if the pain works its way down further) or it just stops working (if the numbness works it way up higher and over more of my hand).

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