Tuesday, November 14, 2006

HUC4 Round One Win

This is me running through the streets buck nekkid yelling, "I beat TripJax." Or as close as I can get this time of year in this neighborhood.

That is my pennance. For though I did play the beginner card and luckbox out a win, I also forsook the sacred hand twice. Once each in two of the games.

I have asked the FSM for forgiveness instead of the pennance dealt by the Trinity Of Jacks. I just hope it's enough.

Note to others: Never play JJ against TripJax, not matter what he is holding. It just does not work.


TripJax said...

You have learned well "Daniel-Son."

After winning the first HUC, I have donked my way through the last 3.

Well done on the felt last night. You just would not let me limp. You should keep up that aggression against limpers as it can be tough to combat.

Good luck on the next round.

Fuel55 said...

Similarly never use 55 against Fuel.