Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Skating By

I once owned a skating rink that was portable with a floor made of detachable sections under a 40'x100' canvas tent. The idea was to haul this monstrosity around small towns in the East Texas wilderness staying for a short time in each town sucking up all the money that had few other entertainment outlets. As a business it was a disaster that ruined both my savings and a friendship.

On the good side, I met my wife at the rink. She would hang out with me at the ticket counter helping pick the music. I married her on the day of her high school graduation. Her mother sent us to the store to get some ice so we could get to the church without her grandmother insisting on coming along. We stopped by the church on the way to say the words then went back to her folks' house to hang out until the graduation ceremony.

We spent our wedding night at my grandma's house while grandma was off visiting family in Houston. Our honeymoon trip was to my mother's so the new wife could meet my side of the family. My grandma tagged along for the ride.

25 years gone by and we are still not quite normal, but pretty happy with the results so far.

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