Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Seven Things Meme

Skidoo tagged me with a meme attack. This branch of the tag tree ends here because I have no idea who to tag next (see #6 below).

  1. I made my first cross country trip by car at 6 weeks of age when my mother drove from Georgia to Texas to show me to my father's family while daddy was doing a tour in Iceland.
  2. I trained as a Russian translator while serving in the US Air Force.
  3. I once owned a skating rink that was portable with a floor made of detachable sections under a 40'x100' canvas tent.
  4. I almost always pass out when I get stuck with a needle for any reason. I am not afraid of them or grossed out by them. I just pass out.
  5. I hold the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo.
  6. I don't like crowds and, in fact, can do without most people most of the time.
  7. On the 28th of May this year I will celebrate being married for 25 years to an amazing woman who is much smarter than me in all the ways that are important. She has proved that she is worthy of sainthood by having put up with me for all these years. We have a beautiful 16 year old daughter and a wild 12 year old son.

1 comment:

23skidoo said...

Nice list Butch, I as well could do without people for the most part.

So you got my back at the next home game right?