Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cheaper Than Hotels in Adelaide

This post is sponsored by Cheaper Than Hotels.

A few years ago I spent a week in Sydney at the behest of my employer. That was the first time I had been out of the country other than a weekend excursion into Mexico from the hinterlands of west Texas that does not really count. This particular trip to Sydney was for no reason other than to appease a customer with my being there doing nothing that I could not have done from Atlanta. I had already caved in to the boss and agreed to go when I realized that I would be gone for my wife's birthday with no way the company was footing the bill to send her along. It was a nervous cold sweat explaining that one even with the boss's promise of a fine night out when I got back as an attempt to make up for it. One day I should resurrect the post from the old blog for that story.

Perhaps if we had known about Cheaper Than Hotels and they covered Sydney the way they do Adelaide, then the savings over, or maybe at, the toney joint I stayed would have been enough for her to tag along and spared me much domestic upset.

They probably do cover Sydney since they seem to cover Brisbane as well as Adelaide. I am not really sure why I am been asked to mention Brisbane in this post since it is all the way across the continental knuckle from Adelaide, but there you go. Both cities look to have have the usual collection of traveler's delights along with each having its own unique collection of sights and adventures.

If you are going to Brisbane or Adelaide, put on your sun glasses and check out the very bright yellow and red web pages of Cheaper Than Hotels.