Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fifty-Fifty Seat For Cheap

I played in the RakeTheRake $32.5k freeroll for the players in their rakeback program today. Pretty much played like the donkey I am and went out really early with TT falling to JJ. My head has been aching since I cut the grass this afternoon and has me a bit distracted. I wish that was the only excuse for the crappy play, but I have been playing badly for a while now. I took some magic potions the brain wizard prescribed for me, ate a sammich, and played some FTPoints satellites for distractions. I went out 4th in the first one and won the second for a seat in tonight's 50-50. Woo Hoo!

So, I'll be playing the 50-50 tonight at 9:30 eastern and, if I can get this donkey head removed from my shoulders, maybe something good will happen. I'm sure the ranks will swell when we are closer to the start, but two hours out there are only 74 players signed on. The only one I recognize is Annette_15, the big winner of the WSPOE. There is one red-letter player, PearlJammer, who research shows is a hotshot in the 99.97 percentile of the Pocket Fives player database (whatever that means).

I am too much of a fonkey for any of this to worry me, it just means, this is going to be a fun game. Watch the twitter panel for the play-by-play. I'll update with a summary after I'm done.

Update: 1.5 Hours in.

Out in 477th of 982. Dealt AA in middle position. Make the 3x bet. Called by one. flop comes KJT. ick. bet pot, reraised all in. I really should be able to fold those. Lots of hand that would call beat me. But this time I lost to Q9o. double ick.

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