Tuesday, November 27, 2007

They Forgot Some Factors in the Calculation

It would take 33 bottles of McMenamins Dry Irish Stout to kill me

By the time I had finished the second bottle I would be very nearly asleep and unable to hoist any more. I would be soundly snoring by the end of the three hour drinking period used in the calculations. The next morning I would have, not just a hangover, but a raging migraine that would almost certainly turn to a level 7 puke fest by noon. I would most likely aspirate a gob and die during one of the porcelain-god prayer sessions.

It clearly would only take two beers to kill me.

Note that I used that stout because the site did not list Mackeson's Triple Stout as an option. If I am going to uncork my head by uncorking a brew, it well better be my favored stout.

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